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100 CECC 'Clean Energy Carbon Credit' Crypto Tokens Airdrop
Maximum participants for each airdrop is 100 addresses or 1 Waves token worth of transaction fees. Whichever comes first. Make sure you have a Waves wallet, if not register at the, for a free wallet.

To enter for the airdrop simply fill out our CRYPTO TOKEN AIRDROP ENTRY FORM (It's secure), name, email, plus 35 digit crypto wallet address. 

You will then get 100 CECC tokens
(within 24 hours) after you’ve completed.
Any questions review the Knowledge Hub
or email support@ 

You can buy 250 CECC tokens here



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The MLGM-CEECO Waves wallet address is:

Token Name: 
CECC (Clean Energy Carbon Credit)


Token for MaxLife Global Management. MLGM develop and fund environmental projects that support clean energy, carbon offsetting, and carbon capture. Carbon credits are issued in the form of MLGM's CECC(Clean Energy Carbon Credit) token. Carbon credits are made available to both individuals and business.

Token Value: Variable.
Currently £0.50 GBP (variable)

Total Value: N/A

Total supply: 100,000,000

Platform: WAVES   

Ticker: CECC

Tokens per Claim: 100

Max. Participants: Limited