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Co2 Emmission Permits

SOCIAL UNITY (Reducing Poverty / Financial Equality)

The GREENPALS Social Unity program...this is your invitation to come join us!

Social Unity: Reducing Poverty Together!

Introducing GREENPALS and Network Marketing...this powerful combination is designed to tackle the worldwide POVERTY epidemic.

No matter what country you live in, or what neighbourhood you live in, you now have an option to seriously consider. We see it as a viable solution for the 'masses' and you DO NOT need any money to participate!

Are You Prepared?

With the world going crazy…China / Russia / USA, ongoing confrontations, human rights being eroded, worldwide economy’s struggling, Blue chip companies shutting down or relocating, Jobs vanishing at an alarming rate, the Robots / AI taking over, Poverty rising rapidly worldwide, and even if you do have a job the United Nations is telling us that a mandatory 9 hour work week will be put in place to fight global warming!

How are You going to deal with All this?

These are just a few of the many reasons why ‘network marketing’ will become so very important to every person on the planet (financial poverty, energy poverty, water poverty, food poverty) and why it should be very seriously considered as a ‘frontline’ income provider. With its unique ability to leverage both ‘Time’ and ‘Money’ network marketing is the ‘only’ viable answer available today (governments are only interested in TAXES).

For example, working from home/anywhere means ‘no commuting’ = no pollution = no carbon emissions. Far fewer office buildings needed, car not essential, healthier and far less stressful lifestyle, and so on. And of course, being your own boss brings advantageous TAX deductions.

More people earning higher incomes would also mean more eco-friendly products being purchased (not just exclusively by the overpaid  / celebrities / wealthy). This would include solar heating / solar lighting / electric cars / hydrogen cars, energy efficient new houses / using public transport, etc).

So it makes both ‘economic sense’ and ‘health sense’ to look at Network Marketing in a more personal and serious light rather than one of scepticism…‘‘it doesn’t work,’ ‘it’s a pyramid scheme’ etc. We have International Network Marketing professionals with decades of experience, a proven and successful business model, a blue print for your financial success.

“Change Your Thinking...Change Your Life!”

Once you get the ‘facts’ and ‘understandhow the business really works you will no doubt start looking for a Network Marketing opportunity that will suit you and the lifestyle you want to live.

Joining GREENPALS can bring changes into Your life and the lives of thousands, possibly millions, of other people worldwide. So forget about politicians, governments, bosses, and anyone or anything intent on controlling your life. Learn how to take back control of your life.

DON’T WORRY if you’re totally new to network marketing (crypto currency, or carbon offsetting) we’ve got you covered. We'll soon get you understanding how it all works (95% of people who are negative about network marketing don’t know how it works, that’s why they fail!).

Using Crypto (Decentralized & Centralized options): You have the opportunity to participate in the world of crypto. The world is changing very quickly and attitudes towards Crypto are also changing very quickly. Major countires are now choosing to use it in conjunction with their sovereign currency (For example Paraguay...moving away from the US Dollar).

You have the option to use the Waves crypto exchange (Decentralized) or our new 'In-House Management Service' (Centralized). Whichever you prefer.

There You Have It...the opportunity to be a part of an exciting future, help eliminate Poverty, do something to help control Co2 emissions/Global Warming, and save hundreds of species from being lost forever!

Help, support, and training, comes 100% FREE, so register now and
our friendly team will be happy to help you end your financial struggles.

Have yourself an exceptional day!

 Ronnie TuttFounder MLGM/GREENPALS.
Sustainable Management Consultant, Director of Green Finance.

P.S. You Don't Need Any Money To Join GREENPALS!

 P.P.S. You could very well end up firing your boss!

…The Great Resignation…here’s Why!

FREE to join...Go to the Registration page.
Choose GREENPALS: FREE ACCOUNT (Other options available)

Poorer people and poorer countries...
They’ll receive monies / payouts from the MLGM-CEECO Clean Energy Fund.

Ronnie Tutt.   Founder MLGM, Director of Finance. Sustainability Consultant. Sustainable Energy Finance -
Climate Adaption Finance - Climate Sustainable Fi
nance -
Academy Climate Fellowship - Diploma Green Finance


Note: Along with the funding of carbon reduction projects All MLGM profits are re-distributed on a per capita basis. This is accomplished through our various partner programs. Invitation extends around the world. Various programs to choose from. Guidance and support always available from our friendly team.

2021...The inevitable is looming...a Global Economic Collapse on a scale never seen before!
(Governments keep printing paper money, Economy ready to implode, it's the Poor who will suffer once again!)